| Preserved Flowers

All You Need to Know About Preserved Flower/Eternal Flower​

Preserved flower also called eternity flower,  is 100% real and natural flower that undergone a preservation process by using the chemicals that are commonly used in the cosmetic industry. Preserved Flower is made from 100% natural flower that can last up to a year or more with devote care (1-3 years).

The preservation technique brings no harm to the pregnant women and baby, unless due to the allergies. The preservation process, allows the flower to keep their natural look, texture, and freshness with required no need for sunlight and water. Preserved flower might lost the original odor but this never affects their popularity and is a wise choice for people who have shown signs of flower fragrance allergies.  


永生花是真的花哦!也叫保鲜花、生态花,国外又叫“永不凋谢的鲜花”。永生花经过脱水、脱色、烘干、染色等一系列复杂工序加工而成的永生花花,永生花无论是色泽、形状、手感几乎与鲜花无异,它保持了鲜花的特质,且颜色更为丰富、用途更高、保存时间至少1年。然而,永生花经过脱水、脱色、烘干、染色等一系列复杂工序加,而失去了原有的花香,但还是掩盖不了永生花的魅力。 永生花的 保养应该放在干燥处,不要浇水,勿潮湿,不要暴晒, 也不要用手碰花瓣因为花本身是脆弱的.

Why are preserved flowers more costly than fresh flowers and dried flower?a

  • Only the great quality fresh cut flowers are selected to undergo preservation
  • Only non-toxic, cosmetic-grade chemicals are used in the preservation process
  • On average, only 30-50% of the flowers meet the stringent quality control standards

What is the different between preserved flower and dried flower?

The most significant different between preserved flower and dried flower is the texture of the flower. Instead of leaving them to dry, they undergo a rehydration technology in order to retains its natural soft-touch texture. 

What is the benefits of Preserved Flowers over Fresh Flowers?​

Prolonged Shelf Life:

Preserved flowers can from 6 to 12 months, and more with devote care. As a comparison, fresh flowers typically last between 1 days – 4 days in room temperature, or one week or less in air-conditional environment. Preserved flowers have a general shelf life of 1-3 years. However, if it is stored in a still and sealed casing; it can last for more than 10 years.

Reduced Waste and Cost: 

Longer shelf life means less frequent replacement. For a hotel front desk, you would need to throw away the wilted natural flowers and replace with a new arrangement approximate 52 times a year.

Time Factor: 

Preserved floral arrangements are not constrained by time pressure. Arrangements can be prepared ahead of time for collection and still look as fresh on the day of your event.

Product Versatility: 

Preserved Roses can be customized in different form of color for different occasion and theme.